a new patented joining
method for aluminum

Solid state joining of aluminum plates and profiles is now possible without a softened HAZ and an accompanying strength reduction


Hybrid Metal Extrusion & Bonding (HYB) is a new patented joining technology for solid state joining of aluminum. Solid state joining of aluminum components is now possible without loss of strength and severe cracking and corrosion problems.

Traditional fusion welding of aluminum leads to 50% HAZ strength reduction. It also leads to the formation of a fusion zone (FZ) with low cracking and corrosion resistance. The new revolutionary HYB technology solves this by allowing solid state welding at low temperatures using filler metal additions.

the fact that fusion is not necessary to create metallic bonding has lead to the development of this revolutionary technology, which has a number of advantages compared to existing joining technologies for aluminum

Weight reduction

Modern transportation requires faster and lighter units. Construction materials with favorable strength to weight ratio, like aluminum, are preferred. The use of fusion welding reduces this advantage.

Load bearing capacity

In other products, the combination of low weight and high load-bearing capacity is critical. Hence, joining without strength reduction is of utmost importance.

Cracking and corrosion resistance

In aluminum fusion welding cracking and corrosion are known problems, leading to poor properties. Solving these will open up for new applications of aluminum as a structural material.

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